Oasig Lyophilised Master Mix

The oasig freeze drying process stabilises all of the active components allowing these reagents to be shipped and stored at room temperature. They are stable for more than 18 months at ambient temperatures. This hugely simplifies the logistics of purchasing, shipping and using the technology. Whether you are in a sophisticated laboratory in Texas or a mobile field hospital in Timbuktu we can supply complete qPCR kit and reagent packages to your door quickly and cheaply via standard shipping methods without the need for dry ice or a cold chain of any sort.

The performance of the reagents is second to none. We are confident that you will find excellent data quality and even see an improvement in data quality versus many traditional frozen master mixes.

PrimerDesign real-time PCR reagents are manufactured to the highest standards within our ISO13485 quality management laboratory environment.

A breakthrough product range:

  • Simple transport logistics
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Exceptional data quality
  • Simple protocol
  • Suitable for all real-time PCR machines

The perfect partner for genesig

Every genesig product page of this website indicates the recomended oasig product alongside the kit.  Every oasig pack contains sufficent reagents for 150 tests - the same as our genesig kits 

Purchasing options

oasig mastermixes can be found on every product page here on genesig.com.  If you wish to purchase the product alone you can find it here: oasig lyophilised mastermixes.