OEM Opportunities

The entire Primerdesign product range is available on an OEM basis. You can read an example of where we helped expand a large biomedical distribution company in a case study or read about our services below. We offer:

The entire genesig kit range including:

  • Human pathogen targets (HIV, HCV, TB etc)
  • Vet and agriculture targets (H1N1, Avian flu etc)
  • Food and water testing targets (Meat speciation, GMO, e.coli etc)
  • Biothreat detection targets (anthrax etc)
  • Genotyping targets (BRAFV600E etc)

 The entire MasterMix product range:

  • qPCR mastermixes
  • OneStep qRT-PCR mastermixes
  • Fast cycling qPCR mastermixes
  • Lyophilised qPCR mastermixes

 Our custom design capability:

  • On demand primers for any gene in any species
  • Access to over 15 million highly validated predesigned assays in our proprietary primer database
  • On demand custom genotyping assays

 Other consumables and reagents:

  • Reverse Transcription kits
  • DNAse kits
  • qPCR plasticware

OEM opportunities

Complete OEM solutions

We can project mange the entire OEM process for your organisation. This entails complete, seamless integration of your branding in to our operations workflow to ensure your products are packaged and specified in the format you prefer.

White label or full branded solutions

We can supply goods in bulk under white label for your own repackaging systems. Alternatively we can create new packaging solutions to your specification complete with your own branding. Or if you prefer we can pack directly in to your own packaging solution. Product handbooks and protocols can be rebranded alongside packaging too.

Virtual operations

If required we can become your complete virtual operations department. We can take orders, package kits , ship to and invoice your customers directly under your own branding in a way that is  invisible to your customers.

Quality systems

Primerdesign real-time PCR reagents are manufactured to the highest standards within our ISO9001:2008/ISO13485 quality management laboratory facility.


For more details please email enquiries@primerdesign.co.uk, or telephone: 44 (0) 23 8074 8830.