genesig Easy Speciation Demonstration Kit See the genesig Easy Speciation Kit in action on the genesig q16

Product features

  • Simple demonstration speciation kit
  • Ideal for demos and training
  • Identical protocol to other genesig Easy Speciation Kits
  • Includes 4 "samples" to show the q16 in action



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Technical Info

For demonstration or training purposes, the genesig Easy Speciation Demonstration Kit provides a simple, slick demonstration of genesig q16 specation work flow.  The kit includes 4 DNA samples that mimic "real world samples". Upon analysis, three of the samples yield positive identification of the demo target (at low, medium and high concentrations).  The fourth will mimic a negative signal.

The protocol is identical to all other genesig Easy Speciation Kits, thus demonstrating how incredibly simple the kits and instrument are to use.

The kit includes lyophilised MasterMix as well as the DNA testing components themselves.  Simply follow the easy 3 step protocol:

  1. Re-suspend the kit contents
  2. Combine the kit contents with your DNA
  3. Load your sample in to the genesig q16

DNA extraction:  genesig® Easy DNA extraction kits are a simple to use, low cost and powerful extraction technology suitable for virtually all sample types.

Easy Kit contents:

  • Target primer/probe mix
  • Lyophilised oasig MasterMix
  • Lyophilised oasig MasterMix resuspension buffer
  • Positive control template
  • Internal Extraction control DNA/RNA
  • Water
  • genesig q16 reaction tubes


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