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Sign up to join the exclusive MYPLEX CLUB and get rewards focused on genesigPLEX and genesigMYPLEX qPCR Detection Kits.The following rewards that you can benefit from are:

  • Gain 3 x £200 vouchers
  • Free delivery on all orders of genesigPLEX and gensigMYPLEX qPCR Detection Kits
  • Ability to request development of new multiplex kit
  • Research featured on the blog
  • Free qPCR planning pad

Available for direct shipping to United Kingdom
Est. dispatch: < 2 days


Technical Info

This exclusive club is unique for our genesigPLEX and genesigMYPLEX qPCR Detection Kit customers. This fantastic new club is an opportunity for you to gain the benefits of these multiplex qPCR kits for a discounted price, as well as other great benefits. 

genesigPLEX and gensigMYPLEX qPCR Detection Kits enable simultaneous real-time PCR detection of multiple pathogens in one multiplex assay. genesigPLEX qPCR Detection Kits are available in a range of preselected combinations as they allow multiple tests in an easy-to-use multiplex assay. Detection of the following infection panels are available:


genesigPLEX qPCR Kit Target Infection Panel Catalogue Number
genesigPLEX qPCR Kit CMV/EBV/BKV Infections of the immunosuppressed Path-EBV/CMV/BKV-GPX
genesigPLEX qPCR Kit CT/NG/UU Sexually Transmitted Disease Path-CT/NG/UU-GPX
genesigPLEX qPCR Kit FluA/FluB/RSV Respiratory Path-FluA-M1/FluB/RSV_spp-GPX 
genesigPLEX qPCR Kit HAV/HEV Hepatitis Path-HEV/HAV-GPX 
genesigPLEX qPCR Kit HBV/HCV/HIV1/HIV2 Blood-borne Path-HIV1/HIV2/HBV/HCV-GPX 
genesigPLEX qPCR Kit SE/SZ  Veterinary - Equine Strangles Path-SE/SZ-GPX 


genesigMYPLEX qPCR Kit STD gives you total control to select up to 3 seperate STD pathogens in a multiplex assay. The innovative genesigMYPLEX format allows you to choose any of the 10 most prevalent STD pathogens to be combined in a customised 2 or 3-way qPCR multiplex assay.


genesigMYPLEX qPCR Kit STD Target Infection Panel Catalogue Number
genesigMYPLEX2 qPCR Kit STD Sexually Transmitted Disease Path-MYPLEX2
genesigMYPLEX3 qPCR Kit STD Sexually Transmitted Disease Path-MYPLEX3

Terms and Conditons

Simply quote the voucher code that was provided in the MYPLEX CLUB welcome pack when you place your order to qualify for the offers. The promotions will apply to qualifying orders for one year after your subscription fee has been paid. The offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. All vouchers are to be used in orders for either genesigPLEX or genesigMYPLEX products. Promotion void where prohibited by local or institute policy.

Due to local regulations, we have had to limit this product to customers in:

Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Korea South, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, Uruguay, Vietnam.



Once you sign up, you will receive a MYPLEX CLUB welcome pack in the post. Within this pack will be the discount vouchers for use on genesigPLEX and genesigMYPLEX qPCR Kit orders. All genesigPLEX and genesigMYPLEX qPCR Detection Kits are supplied lyophilised for easy storage and shipping anywhere in the world.

Purchase options


    Catalogue no: MYPLEX CLUB 1

    A one year subscription to MYPLEX CLUB.

    Basic 1 year
    Number of biobank samples 

    Additional requirements

    Gene symbol 
    Select your machine 
    cDNA tissue source 
    cDNA cell line source 
    cDNA primary cell source 
    Probe fluorophore channel 
    Probe type 
    150 reaction kit  
    400 reaction kit 
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