Real-time PCR teaching from the best in the business

Lots of ways to learn best practices direct from our expert team

Things to read

We have produced this document to help you learn about real-time PCR from the very basics right the way through to some advanced ideas.  Start learning on page 36 :

Or you can download a 'Beginners Guide to Real-time PCR' PDF here


Free lunchtime seminars

One hour blocks of beautifully communicated and extremely useful qPCR guidance. Available in the UK, France and Germany:

'A beginners guide to real-time PCR': An introduction to the theory and a basic walk through the big do's and don't's of qPCR.

'Improving standards in real-time PCR': A more advanced look at the key areas to focus on to produce first class qPCR data; includes reference gene selection strategy.

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Hands on training

You can hire a PrimerDesign expert by the day to come to your lab and give bespoke training in any area of qPCR on a one-on-one basis or with a larger group. Available in the UK, France and Germany:

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Free hands on training is also available via our Student Sponsorship programme.